Friday, August 23, 2013

More Wedding Pics

No card creations on the blog today, but do have a few more wedding photos to share! The photographer took these in downtown Lynchburg...

Always love seeing some of the pictures in this sepia tone!

It's a rainy Friday, but I have to venture out to buy a new wireless router.  Grrrr...hate that the WiFi stopped working and not only do I have to buy a new router, but our cable company is requiring a $40 fee up front and then I have to pay $5.95 per month for technical support!!  What the _ _ _ _?  Sorry, but I'm really thinking technical support should be part of their customer service!  I pay quite a hefty monthly sum already for cable and internet service.  Enough ranting and off to find my umbrella!  Have a happy Friday!


Marisa said...

What fun pictures! She looks lovely in her dress and just love that first picture!!

Broni said...

These photos are gorgeous! I love her dress, and I love how the photos show how much fun they have together! BOO on having to pay for support! There IS NO MORE customer service out there. Very few people are just nice and helpful anymore. You have to pay for everything. I feel your pain!