Thursday, June 27, 2013

RIP Google Reader

...I'm switching to Feedly to keep up with the many blogs I follow since Google Reader will be no longer in operation starting July 1. I found this helpful blog post on Mom of 6's blog and thought you might find it helpful as well! 

Mom of 6

Here is another blog post by Nathan that introduces you to Feedly:

Long Live Feedly

I've already added the "Today" button to the top of my computer so I can click on it quickly and see what all my crafty friends are up to!  The format is in a magazine style with this setting.

On a different note, I'm heading out the door for a mani/pedi date with my daughter!
Have a blessed day! 

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Julia Aston said...

Oh, thanks for the info Wanda - I've been ignoring the impending doom - I'm sure you had a fun time with your daughter! mani-pedi's are such a great way to pamper yourself!