Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Reception Photos

As I promised, here are a few photos from Mark and Ashlie's reception. It was held at the old shoe factory turned Craddock Terry Hotel in downtown Lynchburg, VA.  Each hotel room has a different shoe plaque on the doors, so it's easy to remember that you're staying in the saddle shoe room as opposed to remembering a number - lol!  My favorite was this unique chair in the lobby along with the memorabilia of shoes through the ages!

The bridal party posing outside the hotel.

Newlyweds entering the reception room.  Notice the balloons...you'll see their purpose later.

Yummy buffet...salad, rolls, salmon, chicken, two different veggies, rice, potatoes.

Each round table in the room had these decorative centerpieces.

A beautiful, moving song sung by the bride's father and brother (it was a Kleenex moment for me).

Ashlie and Mark shared some of their journey of love.

The guests enjoyed a Power Point presentation of the newlyweds' growing up years.

So glad they didn't do the cake smearing routine!

Guests went outdoors into the courtyard and grabbed a balloon on their way.  We formed a receiving line and handed over our balloons as Mark and Ashlie greeted everyone.  They ascended the stairs...

...and amidst cheering and clapping, they released the balloons and kissed.
A happy ending to a beautiful reception and a new beginning of a great life together!


Teresa Kline said...

what a sweet and quaint wedding...I luv it! I must agree with you, so glad to see they did not do the cake smearing, I think it is tasteless....pun intended...lol

Maria A. said...

Oh, thank you for sharing this wonderful pictures with us. What a sweet and beautiful couple they are. Those cup cakes look scrumptious and I too am glad they didn't smear them all over their faces, that's not very nice at all. Best wishes for a long and happy life for both of them.