Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I seldom go outside the "papercrafting" topics on my posts, but thought I'd break my mold a bit and share a current journey I'm on.  I'm really needing to lose weight and change some poor eating habits that have gradually evolved over the post child-bearing years.  Our oldest son and DIL are really into fitness and healthy eating and follow a version of the paleo diet.  We chatted on the phone last evening and DS shared a "sweet" treat simple recipe that I want to try out and thought...why not share it on the ole bloggo!  So, here's the recipe...

3.3 oz (or so) 85% dark chocolate bar
1 cup of coconut oil
1 handful of shredded coconut
1 handful of diced almonds
Sprinkled sea salt across the top

"We just melt the chocolate bar in a ceramic bowl inside a pot with some water on the stove, then add the coconut oil and wait for everything to melt.  Throw in the coconut/almonds and pour into a small square baking sheet and sprinkle sea salt evenly across the top.  Pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes, then take it out and break it into chunks.  Easy.  I'm sure you can fudge with the amounts, and maybe add stevia if you want it sweeter."  Hahaha...I loved that he used the punny "fudge" with the amounts phrase!  He knows me well!

Oh..did I mention I'm 10 pounds lighter?  I still have a long way to go, but I'm feeling better already! 


Marisa said...

This sounds yummy, Wanda! Going to have to try it! Good for you for going healthy :) Your body will thank you for it, your energy will increase and you'll feel great! Since fit and firm at 50 got sidelines with plantar fasciitis I'm back at it this year with fit and firm at 51 LOL! You go gir - cheering for you from across the continent :)

Julia Aston said...

Wow - that doesn't look like you'd lose weight eating Wanda! ie - it looks delicious!! all in moderation I suppose! congrats on your wt loss - I too am on that quest - I'm down 8 so far!

Gisela said...

Congratulations Wanda!! 10 lbs is a lot, good job.

Mary Marsh said...

first a big congrats on the weight loss-10lbs is a lot to lose-the candy looks and sounds awesome-I may have to try it.

Vickie Z said...

There's the yummy treat I spied!! Looks delish... And 10 lbs....fabulous!! That's one of my goals this year....dang, I hate to spend the time exercising and I hate that I can't eat what I want....not a big sweets person but, love pasta and garlic bread!! Okay...I'll quit whining!!